Our Work

"Non-profit doesn't mean non-tech"

Our Focus Areas:

The Fishnett sees the world as a hyper-connected society of people.  Through Global Innovation that necessitates Human AI and Internet Technology, we provide New Channels for Education, E-Commerce, Entertainment and Social Media. The Fishnett Plan networks the Communities of the World with Projects that fall within the following three areas:

  • Education - the Fishnett researches and deploys innovative technical solutions to Educational problems by leveraging and improving Global connectivity among students and teaching resources.

  • E-Commerce - the Fishnett researches and implements the means and methods by which entrepreneurs and merchants may expand their enterprises, enlarge their territories and acquire customers around the world.

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - the Fishnett researches and deploys innovative solutions, plans and methods to help reach the  Sustainable Development Goals published by the United Nations in 2015.

People in different parts of the world face struggles most of us are unaware of. Lack of adequate nutrition, proper education, and business opportunities prevent them from achieving better and more sustainable futures. The Fishnett Plan will Help a multitude of People while providing much needed support for under-privileged youth across the world.

Fishnett Community Centers

This project will establish a networked chain of community centers, each one representing and serving their own city and culture.

Each center will provide fitness, academic tutoring, tech incubator, child care, health clinic, career development education, sports recreational tournaments, arts and crafts, special interest clubs like robotics and science, and so much more.

Get-Knowledge Online Tutoring

The Get-Knowledge (GK) Tutors is a task force of hundreds of thousands of academic tutors that care about American students and reflect that love by providing corrective, in home tutoring services in similar ways that Citizen Biz Barrett has provided those services to his students in Atlanta, Georgia.

This project will facilitate the bridge between Americans and Africans. Bridging involves improvement of the network infrastructure, internet applications, networking of people and leaders in each continent, expansion of e-commerce, establishment of software development teams, international organizations and so much more...

This is a startup company that is based on the patent pending invention of Citizen Barrett. It features Helper BOTs that help people to manage their business and plan their activities.

This project seeks to identify the young Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Banneker, or George Washington Carvers. Kids who have this gift will be given the support they need to develop their ideas and submit them for Patent with the United States Trademark and Patent Office.

This project will be a special interest project interested in using modern genealogy tools to connect people with their family members. For example, to reunify an African American family with their native African family or to reunify a Scottish American family with their native Scottish family.

This project would dove tail with the Fishnett Community Centers (FCC) and provide a schedule where a bus which is made into a museum with kiosks, demonstrations of science or technology, activites, etc would leave the FCC and go into the communities surrounding the center to give the children an experience they will never forget.

This project is in memory of the late Dr. Seymour Papert that Citizen Barrett studied with at MIT. It would assist children with creating robots that they can control through a keyboard or voice input.

This project would be a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program delivered in the Fishnett Community Centers. It's inspired by lyrics of Tupac in his song Dear Mama "I hung around with the Thugs, and even though they sold drugs, they showed a young brother love." The program would promote and establish Jiu Jitsu Black Belts in communities and help become the "Big Brother" that these young brothers need while teaching them how to defend themselves, be leaders, and avoid gang life.


Equipping the youth all around the world for the future