The Fishnett Plan

The Fishnett Plan sees the World as a Hyperconnected Society of People.  Hence, it opportunistically leverages existing Technologies to the greatest extent possible to Network the Communities of the World both Socially and Electronically.  The plan seeks to establish a chain of Smart Community Centers in the United States and other countries around the World in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.  Our establishments will be staples in their respective communities: known, frequented and respected as lifestyle betterment centers.  The Global Impact however, is realized by physically Networking them into a Global Area Network.  Once accomplished, the Plan seeks to use the Network as well as custom Software, Data Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Applications and Helper BOTs to create cohesion and synergy among the people of the World.  The Plan measures its success by the extent to which its Innovation creates a much more harmonious World.